Restore Your Smile.
Restore Your Confidence.


As a new branch of dentistry that involves the reconstruction of missing teeth and their supporting structures with natural or synthetic teeth, implantology has been nothing short of a revolutionary development in oral surgery. This alternative to bridges and dentures provides a natural-looking, lasting solution to tooth loss, restoring not only a patient’s smile, but confidence as well.

Implants replace a missing tooth without compromising the adjacent teeth and eliminate the need for partials, dentures or other removable appliance. The procedure entails placing a titanium screw where the missing tooth was. After the area has healed and the screw has had the chance to integrate as an artificial tooth root into the jawbone, we attach a connector post — or abutment – to the implant. Finally, a replacement tooth – a crown – is fabricated to match the other teeth and is attached to the implant.

With an implant, the patient retains the structure and integrity of the jawbone and maintains the natural shape of their face. As opposed to dentures or a bridge, an implant will not interfere with eating, speech or facial expressions. There’s no need to worry about clicking noises associated with dentures or the need to reposition them should they shift while talking, yawning, laughing, etc. The implants are in a fixed position, having fused naturally to the jawbone, and look, feel and function like natural teeth. Patients care for them by brushing and flossing, just as they care for their natural teeth. Good oral hygiene and regular dental visits are critical to the long-term success of dental implants.

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Restore your smile — and your confidence — with this safe, cost-effective, long-term option for replacing missing teeth while protecting and preserving healthy teeth and bone. Implants done properly and cared for should provide a worry-free, hassle-free dental solution for a lifetime.